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Jasmine Mansbridge


Gallery Alchmey seeks to represent work across painting, drawing, photography,sculpture and mixed media. With a focus on contemporary and emergingartists with the gallery featuring work with a modern, figurative sensibility that is emotionally rich and poignant, and also conveying wit and humour.

Gallery Alchemy represents emerging and established artists that demonstratea sensitivity to the conundrums of modern life. With the galleries owninfluences stretching from Artemisia & Caravaggio to Van Gogh, to YellowHouse to Duchamp, Dada, Brett Whitely and Charlie Sheard.

Featured artists often reflect a sensibility for light, colour, purity of craft and ahint of neuroses and angst of modern life that ultimately gives way to beauty. “Idon’t believe in Art, I believe in the Artist”
– Marcel Duchamp


“My oil paintings record random juxtaposed observations in both the natural & domestic environments. I incorporate text & symbol within the balancing act of colour, composition & space providing a kind of cryptic narrative. Most of my initial ideas are conceived from thought processes that lead to schematic-like sketches which then are mapped out onto carefully prepared canvas surfaces of umber grounds. This part of the process is usually logical left-brain planning using visualisation methods taught to me in my sign writing days where one first “sees” the image in one’s mind. When the medium is applied my approach is now more right-brain spontaneity & less articulate resulting in tolerance toward mistake & accident. Now the work tends to be dominated by states of high anxiety & uncertainty.
This provides opportunity to freely take risk & chance to experiment with more personal, meaningful ideas & thought provoking concepts.
I take inspiration from contemporary abstraction, pop art & graphic design, but am also very driven by street art, outsider art, bad painting/poor drawing, home-made protest signs, tribal art & punk rock culture. The art of the untrained can be impressive. Eorts to practice this child-like eect in my art is crucial despite having been formally trained in the Fine Arts & Commercial Arts.”


Jasmine is a professional practicing artist whose work is best described as the meeting of exploration and refinement.
Jasmine has taken her art to a number of mediums – sculpture, large-scale public works and intimate paintings for private collection. She is not afraid to venture outside an established comfort zone. Whatever her choice of art form, Mansbridge brings a
refined and meticulous hand to the work; her deliberation and contemplation are evident at all times.
The work provokes thought and wonder and gives the viewer the chance to apply their personal storytelling, as they unpack the geometry and portals of Mansbridge’s imagined world.
The work of the artist is to merge the world between the head and the hand. Bridging the gap between what is imagined and then seen. Bringing new perspectives to both domestic life and the act of living, and the dream and the physical works that extend from that inner, unseen space.