Zory McGrath

Zory McGrath adopts a thematic approach to her work, exploring and delving deep
into each subject, pursuing derivations of matter and concept. Her paintings are renowned for the distinctive, energetic style, capturing her immediate environment and everyday life. Enchanting viewers with her depictions of city scenes and city views, city crowds and architectural elements in this popular theme. The human condition is at the heart of all her work, poetic but not sentimental. She explores, love, religion, identity and belonging. The inner-child is set free on the canvas, presenting emotive bold paintings.

Zory states: “I see my art as an ever-evolving process, just as the world is ever-
evolving around us.”

Zory McGrath has been a professional artist for over twenty years. Her work can be found in private collections internationally and in both private and public collections in Australia and Europe.