Shane Bonsujet

Shane Bonsujet is an abstract artist based in Melbourne who is self taught and creates bright, bold and colorful works. Bonsujet was born in Zimbabwe and grew up there until the age of 14 when he moved with his family to Australia. Both of his parents are Mauritian.

In his early years Bonsujet took a liking to painting wildlife and drawing cartoons. His primary school art teacher was renowned wildlife artist Craig Bone and so his art journey began spending endless days drawing animals. This quickly grew into a love for illustration, neo-expressionism and naive/primitive art and this forms the basis of his work. Bonsujet draws inspiration from many sources; knowledge, memories, thoughts and life experiences allows him an endless supply of reference. He passionate about music, self development and growth, history and culture as well as trauma healing and love. This shows in his work as I’ve just about painted everything from Marcus Aurelius, Maya Angelou, Kurt Cobain down to Balenciaga and Ludovico Einaudi. I’m constantly absorbing and learning from the greatest teacher of all, life. 

My work can best be described as critical thinking/emotionally driven outsider art/brut/primitive/naive but I also experiment in more traditional styles. I often reflect on my work as exploring refined ideas in an unfiltered manner. The consistency comes in my work being free flowing and purely instinctual regardless of style. I embrace imperfection and painting is an intuitive but cathartic process for me. I plug in my headphones and go where my brush takes me. I use mark making and you will often see script/words to help convert the complex visualisations in my brain.

My work is not consistent in theme but I have often painted about social issues, ethnicity and identity and depression to more light hearted subject matter. Art is therapy for me and I’m healing myself one painting at a time. I mainly work with acrylic paints as the foundation with oil sticks on top for the detail. I will often recycle framed paintings from op shops or recycle centres and paint over.

Bonsujet has exhibited in Melbourne and sold works interstate as well as internationally. 2021 Finalist Hawkesbury Art Prize