Molly Burrage

My practice explores the notions of walking and thinking within the natural environment, conveying ideas of mindfulness and daydreaming.

Molly Burrage is a multi-disciplined artist based in Naarm, Melbourne. Her work is currently inspired by the natural environment, exploring the interplay between herself and the land through the study of perception. The act of walking and sitting in the landscape encourages Molly to look within the shapes and forms of nature. Engaging with elements of colour and tone, meticulously observing and documenting her surroundings, with small watercolour studies. Molly's process involves a profound connection of emotion and feeling, analysing movement and slow time, building a closer relationship with the environment she immerses herself in.

The exploration of her sense's grounds her, fostering a connectedness to the present environment, which translates into her studio work. Finding opportunity to reconnect with the landscape she engages with, exploring its overall abstracted beauty through its artistic elements.