Miguel Vallinas Prieto

Artistic, advertising and industrial photographer.

He studied Image and Sound at the Gregorio Fernandez Institute in Valladolid, at the Diego Marín Aguilera Institute in Burgos and at the EFTI Image Technicians and Training Study School in Madrid.

He has taken numerous courses in his training as a photographer and works in television, editorial photography and advertising over several years.

Since 2014 he dedicates practically all his time to author photography exhibiting internationally in cities such as New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Quebec, Santiago de Chile, Madrid, Monaco, Hong Kong, Miami, Insbruck, Tel Aviv, Montreal, Seoul, Lisbon, Strasbourg, Singapore, Brussels, Cologne and Australia.

He has obtained different distinctions and awards in advertising photography, architecture and posters.

His technique plays a fundamental role in his collections linked to a meticulous study of the scene and light.

His work, at present, focuses on the modified portrait of the human being, studying the circumstances that surround man. Starting from reality in its purest form, he progressively advances towards deconstruction and surrealism in his work.