Matthew Shutt

Matthew Shutt is a Specialist in Hyperrealistic and Photorealistic still life and manufactured arrangements. His work is about nostalgic imagery from his past sometimes integrated with household objects that represent other aspects of his life mainly in the present. The content theme is superhero action figures, a symbol of his imagination and hopes and desires when he was younger. He places them in mundane and everyday situations as a symbol of the full circle of life as he battle his minds perception of a happy childhood with the struggles and strains of modern day living.

Shutt’s subjects are, at the surface, carefree images, upon deeper observation, these images are symbolic of the nostalgia of an innocent childhood and a time of hope, brought to the present by the context of its surroundings in everyday objects like art books. The reality and stresses of adult life are superseded by notions of superheroes saving the day. This need to recreate a sensation of life simpler, more joyful, colourful and carefree is the focal point of his paintings.

About this choice, Matthew Shutt said: “The action figure toy, for me, is the most compelling image that defines my life since I can remember and the limitless situations it can be integrated with mundane ordinary objects is fascinating and fuels my obsession. Added together, this gives a different dynamic within my work and style and changes the narrative viewpoint amidst its complexity and perception yet it retains the simplicity it was allowed back when I was younger“.

Shutt was born in Barnsley, South Yorkshire and attended the university of Huddersfield in 2007 where he got a first class honours degree in ‘interdisciplinary art and design’.

He has had numerous exhibitions in and around Yorkshire and was represented in 2019 by the Mahlstedt gallery in New York and in 2021 by LCA gallery and became an artist member of Gabriel Fine Arts gallery ( both in London).