Kimberly Klau

In the sense of ‘Belonging’ Kimberly has created a 3-part body of work called

‘Controlled Burning’.

Kimberly often works with burnt timbers, salvaging what she can and restoring life. The community has especially treasured her burnt wood art since the recent 2019-2020 Bush Fires. In philosophizing with these ideas Kimberly has come up with a controlled burning technique to connect us with the land we live on. “As I watch the bush over grow around us, I worry about future dry seasons and the #1 preventive step of controlled burning that is almost too complicated and confronting to take.”

Self taught, Kimberly has picked up her skills from her nurtured upbringing, experience of life and those around her. Now operating a full time furniture and homewares business, Kimberly brings joy and nature into homes with form, function, balance and beauty.

“I view my practice as a collaboration, where as the artist, I accentuate natures creation.

Its twisted and contorted forms, I follow, sculpted by wind, flood, drought and fire. I am led into unexpected dimensions and watch as the final result takes control.