Joanne Sisson

Joanne Sisson lives in Ballarat, in country Victoria. She studied Fine Art at RMIT, Melbourne and has worked as an art teacher and book illustrator. Her artworks focus on both still life and landscape painting. Both genres are connected in some way to the natural world. 

Joanne Sisson’s current still life paintings, of both indigenous and introduced plants in glassware, depict the refraction of light and the distortion of form as light passes through glass. Jo has accumulated a large collection of crystal and glass vessels, which she assembles in complex arrangements. There is much planning and resetting of these arrangements before she commences an artwork.

Joanne Sisson comments on her work- 

“When walking through my garden or trekking through deep forest one can feel uplifted by an awareness of growing, breathing ecosystems. 

I attempt to orchestrate in my still life paintings a sense of growth and movement while at the same time maintain a quiet restrained sense of calm.”