Jo Nolan

Gliding the breeze then swooping in a crosswind. Drawing in breath, oxygenating the soul. Can we see the air we breathe? That which buoys us is often invisible, silent, evident only by continuity or deprivation.Β Jo Nolan’s abstract paintings emerge through the quiet processes of painting itself.

Reaching for poetic complexity through slow layering of pigments, harnessing light and shadow, noise and stillness, her works lend visibility to the moods and drama of human existence. She makes ritual observations in the solitude of the half-light and reflects upon the ancient rhythms of the earth, in the shadow of which, the entanglements of human culture occur.Β 

Through painting she aims to feel beneath the surface of what is perceived, towards that which is less fathomable or explicable about the tragedies and ecstasies of life.