Jaqueline Burgess

Born in South Africa, Jaqueline Burgess is an Australian painter. As a finalist in the Lethbridge 20000 in 2023, the Arts In The Valley in 2022, and a semi-finalist in the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize in 2016, Jaqueline moves between landscapes, portrait painting and still life paintings.

Jaqueline resides on the east coast of Australia, where she paints from her home studio, creating works that reflect her experiences with the Australian landscape.

In her most recent works, Jaqueline immerses herself in the ‘rockscapes’ on the East Coast of Tasmania. Burgess’s work deftly captures the power of these ancient forms, linking the land to the sea. The boulders and the rocks are symbolic; the cracks and crevices are a lifeline of time and existence, revealing a natural order that has been balanced carefully for millennia.

Jaqueline reflects, ‘As I paint these rock scapes, they begin to take on a life of their own. The paintings have a memory of place but transition the beauty in the unremarkable into ethereal abstract forms. These ancient forms speak to me, reminding me that there is a sublime powerful energy within us all.’