Isles Of Mine

Isles Of Mine – Dorothea Gyorgy 

Isles of Mine’s work is an intuitive, emotive and physical response to the natural world surrounding her and her life’s stories; both past and unfolding. Dorothea marks cross cultural experiences, including her childhood in a communist country and a move to Australia, and the hardships, faith, love and growth that ensued. 

A passionate explorer and learner, she has experienced the awes of travel and being wholly immersed in new cultures, traditions and teachings. She has been embraced by tribal pacific island tribes in her time living in the South Pacific; there was also the test of extended periods of isolation in remote locations and the ensuing self-discovery and renewal. Through her work, Dorothea mirrors moments in time; being lost at sea, midnight skies in deserts and sunsets over blue lagoons. 

She is a mother to two beautiful sons and together they traverse and marvel at the wild beauty of the south coast; the interpretation of landscape Dorothea carves by hand into her clay pieces. Dorothea’s pieces are the result of wholly organic and intuitive process; handmade and hand carved. She relishes the minute details of each piece, such as colour pooling astoundingly, unique forms and mark making. 

She moves forward in life and in art with a childlike wonder and optimism; fuelled by her desire to tell her stories through her hands and through clay.

Isles of Mine is exhibiting her work at Gallery Alchemy throughout August with Saltwater Woman and MLAK.