Holly Eva

Holly Eva is a contemporary artist whose work stops viewers naturally in their tracks and invites a profound still reflection. Known for her minimalistic abstract still life’s and figurative pieces, Eva’s art is a thoughtful blend of intuition and aliveness. Eva is a colourist and her work is described as calm but exciting. Born in country Camden and then from the age of 9, grew up in a surfing culture on Avoca Beach, Eva now at the age of 48, creates daily from her studio at the Bulli Timbermill.

Eva’s painting process is described as intuitive. Her approach to painting is guided by the art itself, she describes this as the flow, allowing each piece to evolve naturally without preconceived constraints. Her paintings take time and they are considered.

Holly Eva paints still life because she finds a deep joy in the simple, she loves her everyday objects that surround her. Eva has a particular fondness for the charm of old vintage pottery, and handmade objects. Eva is often found scouting around in second-hand shops looking for these pre loved items. “These items hold a sense of history and I love the thought that someone has made them with their bare hands. By having these objects in my studio and around my home I’m celebrating and honouring their beauty and its comforting to me as a creative to know that I’m not alone, art will always have its place in the world, known or unknown. What I’m painting is an appreciation of beauty.”

Her compelling work has been showcased in exhibitions across Sydney and the south coast and is also appreciated by collectors worldwide. Holly's art has also been featured on Channel 9's The Block Shop, My Kitchen Rules, Selling Houses Australia, and in Belle Magazine. She has exhibited at esteemed venues, and has made notable appearances at five Sydney art fairs. Eva has collaborated with Dr Tio, Deltra Goodrum and has collectors such as NRL coach Trent Robinson and Australian of year 2023 Taryn Brumfitt.

Mentored and having worked under prominent Australian artists such as Amanda Penrose Hart, Jo Bertini, Idris Murphy, Elisabeth Cummings, and Ross Laurie, Eva's commitment and passion to the arts is unwavering. With a long-term dedication to her craft and the industry, Holly Eva is a thought-provoking artist whose work is not only captivating but is starting to become highly collectable and sort after.