Hattie Zampa

Now based in Bangalow NSW, Hattie is originally from a small town one hour south of Darwin. Raised in the country, and one of seven siblings she is a true believer of the beauty of chaos. Now a mum, and a resident of the Northern Rivers, Hattie paints at her home studio ‘The Stable Studio’ nestled amongst the Byron hinterlands.

Although she studied law at university she has always had a deep love for her creative side and found herself drawn to her artistic tendencies.

Hattie doesn’t consider her work ‘great’, instead she celebrates its imperfections. She loves that it’s a little rough and unfinished, mostly layers of new ideas on top of old. She finds beauty in the texture left on the canvas when more paint is added to hide the previous stroke. Her belief is that art makes a house a home.

“I have always had a passion for drawing & painting. I studied law & journalism at university and once I entered into the workforce, I found it really difficult to find joy in what I was doing. I consistently found myself coming back to art. I’ve been lucky enough to travel around the world and I have fallen in love with so many beautiful homes. I think I’ve always felt that art helps create those special spaces. So for me, making art is my way of making a space or home, truly come to life. I think that after so many years of wondering what my purpose is I can see now that art really is my calling.”