Gwen Scott

The “Cocoon Series” is my allegory to the loud, busy and hyperconnected world that most of us live in. Escaping the city, seeking refuge in nature and finding solitude to re-energise and reflect has always been part of my life and for many others who have the privilege to do so. The human desire to seek out and create a “cocoon” for oneself  is universal, even more heartfelt now during a pandemic!

Drawing from my feelings and memories of solitary moments from my past and present, my relationship with animals and pets, my passion for pattern design and my local seaside environment, I have sought to weave an emotional narrative reflects a cocooned space.

Using the complex traditional reductive printmaking technique, each print consists of ten or more layers of colour printed from a single linoleum block. All the prints are produced by hand carving the linoleum block, then hand printing the block using an etching press in my home studio. The prints are printed on 100% archival cotton rag paper using high quality oil-based inks and signed and numbered as original limited edition prints.