Daniela Minns

Daniela Minns is a Sydney based artist who works primarily in acrylics, pastel, and collage.

In her previous career Daniela worked as a stylist and writer in magazines (before print was a dead media) and was then a successful e-commerce retailer for almost a decade. Creativity has always been at the heart of every pursuit Daniela has had professionally so it was no surprise to anyone when she picked up a paintbrush 10 years ago.

A self confessed bower bird for sparkles, texture and vibrant colours; magenta pink and ultramarine blue are embedded in her core.  

“Colour is at the heart of my life, my work, my inspiration. I love the way colour injects joy into every space and place.
My works are primarily abstract because I love to interpret what I see, feel and think onto the canvas in a way that only I see it. Abstraction speaks to my soul in the same way because it is loose, wild and free and is not bound by

“The brush takes me on an unknown journey every day in my studio. I am infinitely inspired wherever I go and this means that my painting practice is always evolving. The constants however are always; colour, texture, movement and abstraction”.

Works are held in private collections in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Noosa, and Internationally in London, New York, Toronto, Madrid and San Francisco.