Cat Gerke

Cat Gerke is a Northern Rivers artist focused on contemporary still life painting. She paints from her home studio in Clunes New South Wales surrounded by some of the best produce farms, restaurants and cafes in the region. Her work is a celebration of friends, family and lovers coming together around food and creating memories.

Cat Gerke says of her work – “Studying painting and drawing at the College of Fine Arts, I developed my own painting style which blended realism with expressive application of paint on canvas. I also focus on negative space, directive lighting and pattern within my works to create balance.

Working within the interior design industry for the past 10 years allowed I honed my understanding of art within design and how it plays a vital role in creating authenticity in interiors. My works are painted with intimate thought of how they may be layered into a home and become a focal point of an interior design scheme.

My latest collection of works painted for Gallery Alchemy, entitled “to gather// together” was conceived earlier this year. Each painting in this collection celebrates the time we spend together, whether it’s a celebration or a simple pizza dinner on a Friday night.