Ann Rayment

The diversity of the Australian landscape is what inspires me as an artist. The colour, texture and contrast of nature is constantly changing and urging me to record. My style is expressive, distinctive and varied. have tried to capture the diverse nature of the Australian landscape by responding to it in its raw and natural state on location. 

The immediacy of the marks captured in the moment reflect the raw and rugged features of the  landscape. On return to the studio the deconstructed painted memories become collage pieces which form the basis of my painting. Combined with Ink, charcoal, acrylic and pastel, the layers are built, and the scene emerges.
The use of varied line and shapes and the looseness of these, is a constant when  creating a piece. I love colour and use it to create the mood I’m after.

All works included are places I have visited and gained an emotional attachment to. Each painting is an individual response to the place at the time.