Andrew Grassi Kelaher

Andrew Grassi Kelaher is an artist currently based just north of Sydney on the Central Coast. This is an area with amazing scenery, stunning beaches and fits well with Andrew’s love of surfing, the ocean and paintings, inspired by his surrounds.Being an artist has always been a big part of Andrew Grassi Kelaher’s life.  As a child he had paintings exhibited in major Sydney Art Prizes and by the time he reached his early 20’s he was exhibiting in commercial galleries. Ever since he has been a full time artist working either on his paintings and exhibitions or becoming involved in other creative projects such as snow sculpture in the Australian ski fields or murals and other street art.

His paintings are held in collections both in Australia and overseas, including the USA, England, Hong Kong and Singapore. 


I really enjoy creating things and find art exciting in the unlimited possibilities it affords. I find inspiration from any number of sources, from art museums to Instagram and I’ll use whatever resources I need to create the artwork I want to achieve. 

 At a young age, I grew up on a diet of Brett Whiteley, William Robinson, Arthur Streeton and Arthur Boyd. I wanted to paint exactly like them. Which I did initially but I soon got my own spin on things.   With influence from these artists and many more I have developed my own creative style with a bright – happy vibe, drawn from my personality and the other aspects of my life I enjoy – surf, snow and travel.