Alexandra Strong

Alexandra Strong is a self taught painter from Berry on the NSW South Coast.
“I have lived all my life and now live with my own young family.
My work is a reflection of my natural surroundings. My intuitive style of painting often includes bold colours and layers to reveal the story of my work through the use of pattern. I do this by applying a layer of paint over the colour in varying intensity and embellishing with intricate patterns. I often include strange little creatures and hidden layers in my paintings and my children always make their mark which I include in the finished painting. 
My recent still life work had me engaged in a different way of thinking, looking at shape and shadow rather than using my intuition of colour and pattern. I find this beneficial and a bit of mental shift from my intuitive work when I am not in the flow of my practice. These paintings celebrate the everyday and the household tabletop. 
When I am deep in the flow of my work I feel a deep connection to the land and infuse positive energy into every piece through use of colour and texture.” – Alexandra Strong