Adrianne Dimitrakakis

Adrianne Dimitrakakis is an Australian contemporary artist who works in
mixed media with bold colours and creating heavy textured canvases that
resemble a worn away appearance to her work.

The vintage aesthetic conveys memories of the many places passed through
and of those yet to be discovered. She is inspired by the many cultures

and places around the world and the things discovered while on her travels
textured walls, old signage and collected bits and pieces.

She has a love of things with a past life and that tell a story of time.
Combining this with vivid hues and a sunny disposition Adrianne’s work
remind the viewer of simple pleasures and exploration.

Previously working for a surf company in marketing, she’d often travel for
work on shoots and surf trips to remote locations. It saw her travel to some
untouched, remote islands which fed her love of travel and curiosity to other
cultures. She would document her finds and illustrate maps of the remote
archipelagos and photograph all the worn old colours and textures of the
walls. With the storytelling of travel and finding empty waves in mind for

her job - this filtered through into her artwork.

She aims to bring the sun to you and remind us of those simples pleasures
abroad; a true keepsake from your travels and a reminder to keep exploring,
on land and water.