Roy Fong

As an artist my objective is to evoke feeling and emotion through shape and line. 

My material choice of ‘timber’ was a natural one, given that a large part of my earlier career was spent as a cabinet maker.  Each timber, defined by its unique characteristics, grain and line, literally speaks to me.  The artist in me extends beyond a prescriptive approach, embracing a willingness to uncover what lies within. 

I sometimes spend days or even weeks, contemplating a potential piece ‘in the rough’ before embarking on a journey of co-creation.  My ultimate desire is to enhance the qualities and grain of what nature has already provided, allowing it to claim it’s unique beauty and form. Being ‘in the zone’ represents a dance between ‘desire and truth’.

Feathering and elongation are common themes of my work, achieved by extending the boundaries of the timber itself, as well as my own skills as an artisan. Revealing the radiance and beauty within the raw material is nothing short of magical; always a delight, and extremely rewarding.

Roy’s passion for artistic expression began at an early age, studying a range of art mediums.  A keen interest in timber led to an apprenticeship in cabinetmaking, under the guidance of two master craftsmen.  Roy went on to establish his own successful business designing and creating top quality, high-end furniture and fitments for Chanel, Cartier, Yves Saint Laurent and others.

Since retiring from the commercial arena, Roy has been able to move away from ‘the brief’ and embrace the freedom of his creativity, driven by his love and passion for timber.  Each piece literally speaks to him, resulting in a unique conversation through grain and texture, and the interplay of the elements.   

His current collection has an emphasis on relationships and connectivity.  Artists such as Alberto Giacometti, Barbara Hepworth and Constantine Brancusi inspire many of his works.